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Month: October, 2011

Mission Statement

Here are several mission statements available online from the following groups:

Evangelical Presbyterian church :

Knock Presbyterian Church:

St. Columbas, Church of Ireland:

Wesley United Church:

Evangelical Alliance:

Hope International Christian Fellowship:




Still Making Tracts


Looking at image possibilities using a slightly different style of background to differentiate from the real religious tracts that are distributed around Belfast.

These images are taken from plants in my house, I like the idea of a connection to my home of the homemade tracts.

I am still working using Adobe InDesign and am happy with the fonts and basic layout now I urgently need to confirm with printers that this is achievable.

Making Tracts

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I am currently working on a series of tracts and the whole process including their distribution will be recorded on this blog. The tracts are a secular artwork which I will explain and explore as I go along. I will show the process of writing a mission statement and the Evangelical language that has inspired the work. Here are some images of tract backgrounds I am working on and a tract I used with my most recent solo show (Come Let me Lighten your (ironing) load, PS2 Gallery, Belfast August 2011) I will include some original tracts on the next post and look indepth at the writing style.