Good Intentions FIX 2011 DAY 2

by julie

Today I realised how uncomfortable the pretence of being a Christian Literature giver is. It hit me hard when I noticed a woman I knew from my church-going years and wondered how she would have received this project. It was very slow going today I only managed to give away about 20 tracts, partially it was bad planning on my part as the deliveries for Victoria Square and the recycling trucks all arrived during the 10-12 time slot so I spent a considerable amount of time trying not to get run over.

I met a friend I studied with previously and on giving him a tract I instantly started babbling “it’s not what it looks like and its part of a performance festival”. I’m not sure if this was because I didn’t want him to think I was doing street Evangelism or because he is gay and I didn’t want him to think I held the views on homosexuality that are often associated with Christians.

The Good Intentions tract is a practical exploration of how the art scene in Belfast functions. How regularly we intend to attend art events and don’t make it or we rely on the opinion of others to form views of exhibitions we have not seen. The recent closure of Ormeau Baths Gallery seemed to shock a lot of my friends yet we were discussing the last time we had been and personally I havent attended since Hugh Mulholland left as Curator.

As part of the Good Intentions work I am not attending FIX 2011 which includes my work. The recorded phone messages contain my mundane excuses for missing the exhibition without giving details of what it is I am missing. They will be included on the blog along with transcripts of any messages that are left for me.  I have chosen 10-12 as my work ends before any other the other works start so it remains disjointed from the other performances which allows my work to remain unrecognised as art by the majority of passersby.

As this tract is the first of twelve each of the others will be informed by their predecessor and the work will evolve as changes are made and different approaches are tried.

Good Intentions


10-12 again tomorrow