Good Intentions Day 4

by julie

What is the Spirit of Belfast?

How would we sum up the city as a whole? If you just look at the activities that happen round the sculpture with this title you can get a taster of several identities of Belfast – street Preachers, Street performers, break dancers, club promoters, accordion players and this all between 10 and 12 while I was assuming the role of tract giver on my 3rd day.



I am finding the pretence of this role very demanding and am grateful to be at home writing about the work rather than out there doing it. I am prepared for two more days giving out this tract but will I be comfortable with the next 11 tracts being so removed from the art context?

The first time I used tracts in an artwork it was in the relative safety of a gallery space (, with these new tracts so close visually to religious tracts and the location giving no clues at all to this being a work of art I am aware of how clinging to art as your reason for doing something can be a comfort. I had decided that when asked by anyone about the project, apart from those who knew it was an artwork, that I would not reveal that it was but offer it as literature and hope that they would check the blog or phone the telephone number to discover more.

I need more incentive for people to call this number of a quicker trigger to make them realise it is not a normal tract, this is where the difficulty lies and will give me plenty to work on for my next tract.