Good Intentions- Day 5

by julie

Today began with great conviction to give away a lot of tracts. I was determined to make up for not distributing literature yesterday. The day began well I even received some bible ‘facts’ from a passerby who seemed delighted to take a leaflet and asked “did I know that God is mentioned more in Genesis than any other book of the Bible?” this he explained, had been told to him (via tape) by Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz. He got her Genesis tape but wished he had the other tapes. He came back several times but didn’t say very much he left with a jaunty ” If you see her tell her I say hello!”

Another woman pleased to see tracts being distributed greeted me with a “Hallelujah, make sure and give those to the people who are going to Hell, I’m not going there!”

This was followed by about an hour of being pretty much ignored, then I began to offer anyone who looked lost help with directions. I thought it would be important to seem helpful and friendly and maybe that would help with distributing the tracts. I was busy laughing to myself having watched 3 people take a tract and then without even looking at it scrunch it up and throw it in the nearest bin, when a man said “what a nice smily face, where is Marks and Spencer’s?” I think because most people were throwing the tracts out I was keen that he would realise it wasn’t a real tract, after giving directions and handing him a tract he asked what it was about. He said he had four hours to kill waiting on a passport so he was happy to read it, I said that he would have time to phone the number and check the blog out in that time too, and time to realise it was an art project not really a religious thing. He laughed asked did I write it and off he went. I am a bit cross with myself for breaking my cover so I need a confident script to follow for the next tracts.

I am considering using a tagline on the rest of the series that reveals that the tracts are not religious, but I am aware there are consequences either way. I will continue to put the tracts up online as I am working on them and the finished works will be added after the originals are distributed.

My daily excuses ( the voicemail messages left on +447933999268) These excuses are the reasons I have not attended any part of the FIX festival, some (visiting my Grampa) are true others are fabricated or borrowed from people who have used them as reasons they cannot meet up with me. The work is taking responsibility for the nonsense reasons we all use for not attending things we had no intention of attending in the first place, the action is holding myself accountable for the excuses I give and after its completion I will make a concerted effort to attend more art exhibitions and support the arts in Belfast.