Daily excuses (Good Intentions)

by julie

Day one

Hi, I’m not going to make it today I had the best on intentions but I’m not feeling that well and I’ve actually got to go and visit my Grampa. Leave me a message!

Day two

Hi, It’s me I didn’t even make it to visit my Grampa I had so much to do and by the time I got home and made my tea I was just too tired but I’ll try and make it tomorrow. Leave me a message!

Day three

Hi, I am so annoyed I’m really trying my best to make it but I’ve just realised my library books are due back tomorrow so I’m going to have to read some of them before I take them back and I promised my mum I’d help her alter a top of hers before she goes on holiday so I will do my best but I might not make it. Leave me a message!

Day four

Hi its me, im still not feeling that well so I’m just going to stay in the house today and do some tidying up but it’s stuff that I really need to get done anyway so maybe I’ll make it tomorrow. Leave me a message!

Day five

Hi, I really have to get my christmas shopping started so I might not make it I’ve also got to nip home and check if a letter has arrived for me it’s really important and I’ve been waiting on it for ages so if I can make it in after that then I’ll maybe see you but if not I’ll try my best to make it tomorrow. Leave me a message!

Day six

Hi, I’ve got to clean out my hamsters cage tonight and besides I totally forgot I was meant to meet you, so I have said yes to meeting someone else and I can’t let them down. Leave me a message!


These excuses are a collection of truths, lies and borrowed excuses or variations on them that I have used or had used on me. There are intentionally mundane as most excuses are. Although it is not mentioned in the voicemail these excuses are offered as reasons why I did not attend FIX X1. In honesty I do not attend a lot of art exhibitions in Belfast and the majority I do attend are in support of friends but I have resolved to change this on the completion of this work.

I also must confess that even my intention to not attend FIX went slightly awry, I participated in support of a friend with Metonymic Time Machine Prototype # 1 and as I began to question the importance of not attending it dawned on me that I also participated in Democratea as those running it are my course mates. There is still an importance for me in not attending the events, it kept my work removed from the wider audience allowing its anonymity and it allowed me to focus on each event I was missing as I distributed tracts, I read more about the works than I usually do when I attend an exhibition. This work began as an exploration of why we do not follow through in our Good Intentions and what the consequences of our absence can be, I will be adding more as I plan my next tract and evaluate how this work evolved and where it failed.