Good Intentions Day 6

by julie

I had several encounters today which tested my conviction. A man asked “Why do you do this? Are you a Christian yourself?” I replied “no” as I was unwilling to say yes but this led to obvious need for further explanation of the project. I said its an art project, that it reads like a modern-day parable but it is not about religion. (This sound as messily explained here as it was in person.)

Next was an experience of double rejection. Again a man spoke to me but this one asked “what are you selling” ah! an easy one I thought “I’m not selling anything” “Oh it looks like a religious thing” he suggested to which I replied “yes it does but it’s an art work” he required more detail so I began to explain “it has become a lot about rejection, people refuse to read or look at the tract because of what they assume about it” he retorted “Right, I understand that it is art but I still have no interest” It seems art and religion in Belfast have the same dilemma often they are preaching to the choir. (but if the choirs not there then it is very lonely)