A tract in progress.

by julie


Tract 3 will be going to the printers next week along with Tract 4, I have decided to use a different background as a visual trigger to hint that this tract is not religious literature. Being January this tract is themed on New Years Resolutions and the next tract is about Social Networking. Both will be distributed in Belfast during the remainder of January with the hope that I will complete and distribute 2 tracts a month until May.

As always I will put the finished tract up after I have distributed them.

I am working on selecting possible collectors for the work and am drafting a letter to post along with the first tracts in the series, If you are interested in becoming a collector please let me know.

I am also considering how the work will be displayed at the end of my Masters project. (though this may not be the end of this body of work, obviously I need to present a coherent display of the project and how it has unfolded.)