Practising Secular Evangelism.

by julie

I’m looking to get a dialogue started on this blog from the action of handing out the tracts I had a wonderful tutorial with Andrea Montgomery

We discussed the options and addressed will and counter-will which in this instance can be summed up as

will: Use religious literature as a vehicle for debate

counter-will: struggling against being identified as Christian but not wanting to reveal the work too quickly.

With tract 3 I have changed the format slightly by altering the background design. I am also hoping to be more direct in encouraging dialogue whilst distributing the tracts. The tutorial with Andrea really focussed my mind on what I want to achieve and the possible ways to attempt this.

Tract 3 will be distributed today from 1-2 in Belfast City Centre on Royal Avenue. I am wearing a bright red coat so you shouldn’t be able to miss me! We shall see what impact terrible weather has on the project. I will post again after 2 and let you all know how it went.

thanks for following my progress and please feel free to leave any comments