Tract 3 A new Resolution day 1

by julie

Thinking about what may happen is the hardest part of standing on the street day after day to be rejected. I began distribution at 1pm and by 2pm had given away the first 100 tracts. For this tract I have used a different image as a border, the last two looked very similar to the true religious tracts whereas this one was black, white and red and looked a little different. The colours look like protest leaflets and several people asked if it was about women’s rights. I guess I looked like a cross between a promoter of some sort and an evangelist and so I used the techniques Andrea Montgomery and I worked on if people spoke to me. I did not ask people to stop and talk outright for two reasons, firstly, if the tract looked different I wanted to see how this worked on its own as a strategy and secondly it was a bit daunting. I didn’t want people to have a bad experience of the project so I need more practise and will work on this before for tract 4. I will go back to a more traditional layout and really work at an actual dialogue in person and then afterwards on this blog.

I met Arthur Magee ( we had a great chat about his solo shows and walks and about what I am attempting with this mission. One thing I realised though is that once you mention religion there is no middle ground. I am occupying a sort of no mans land. I am not against religion, I am not interested in focussing on the bad problems people have with religion as a way to popularise my work, rather I want to provide an alternative dialogue. I want to create a space for those who want to discuss their ways of living and being in a place like Belfast. I am not an evangelist for atheism but rather an evangelist for open discussion.