Tract 3 day 3 A New Resolution

by julie

The weather is not helping my tract giving I can only manage about 45 minutes out in the cold before it gets too much but I did achieve a lot in todays 45 minutes. I was giving out the tracts on Royal Avenue, outside the Gap store and managed to give about 60 away. A guy about my age approached and asked “Do you believe in God?Do you?” and seemed a little confused when I said not, he didn’t either but straight away said “But you must believe in a higher purpose?” I said not I hope that humanity id inherently good and that is my higher purpose but he said he did believe in something higher “That there has to be something better than us out there” I really think most people have hat hope but for me it is that there is something bigger than me, I take comfort in being such a small part in the life of our planet but it is important what we do with this small part.

So what is the small part of art, I do think art has a responsibility to provide a new way of living or thinking in the everyday. There is a parallel for me that art suffers when it is for art’s sake and religion suffers when it is for religion’s sake. I will write more about this over the next few weeks and let you know about a few events I am planning.