A love of baking (tract 4 day 4)

by julie

Had the best intentions to make it to town around lunch time to get the crowds passing but this wasn’t possible so I arrived at 3 a little flustered and found the “free bible girl” on my stage. It was starting to rain so I wanted the shelter, I allowed myself a manhole cover as a new and improved stage and soon realised that if I stood on this side of the entrance to Gap then people couldn’t slip into the shop to get past me, this may sound paranoid but I a sure this had happened previously.

As the rain got heavier a strange thing happened – more people started to accept my tracts rather than less. I am assuming this is because the more uncomfortable they felt the more they wanted my standing in the rain to have a purpose. It is days like this that I am sure they give me a gift and get nothing in return. A few people stopped to say what good work I was doing and a few openly laughed in my face as they took the tract only to throw it in the nearest bin. One young man took the tract and realising what his assumption led him to believe it was he began to veer towards the bin reading it as he went, his steps slowed then he began to walk away from the bin towards Castlecourt putting the tract in with his shopping as he went. I cannot explain how happy I felt and I began to wonder what it must feel like to stand on the street day after day and then for one day someone to come to you and say they want to become a Christian and can you help them? What if someone asked me that! I suddenly felt grateful to have “free bible girl” nearby I could refer any people wishing to be “saved” to her. What then is my responsibility to those I give tracts to?

While pondering all this a man approached to ask “What is it you are giving away that no one is taking?” Following the advice of the woman from yesterday to tell everyone it was a recipe I did just that. It turned out this man was a baker, so I asked him how to keep my chocolate chips in the middle rather than all at the bottom of my buns. “Oh” he replied “I don’t make buns just scones mostly” I asked how the fruit stays in the middle of the scones hoping this would give some guidance but he just told me he mixed it well. He left me with instructions to try to make a Yorkshire Brack (http://www.itv.com/food/recipes/yorkshire-brack) so I will give this a go (and maybe give it out on the bus if it’s not a disaster.)

My last observation for today is how strange it is to give out the last tract of the day. I had a bundle of tracts from yesterday left but the rest were locked in my studio so I decided to give away all that I had with me and when I got to the last one I felt I had lost my authority to give it out. Normally people look at the bundle in my left hand and it seems to give reassurance, other people will get this tract to, I’m not just someone odd giving out my own post or something! As I gave the last tract to a women I handed it over and she glanced quickly at my other hand she seemed confused, what kind of person has only one leaflet to give away? The answer is the kind that will be better prepared tomorrow! Usually I set a time to stay out and have many leaflets left at the end of each session I find some comfort in holding these leaflets but it is also a reminder of the work still to do.