What art evangelism really looks like. . .

by julie

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When I am standing alone for a long time it allows me to think about the importance art has and the best way to share this. How do you measure the interest art holds outside of its practitioners, critics and curators etc? My work deals with universal questions of belief and belonging whilst tied to the specific context of Belfast it can reach far beyond, but how many are put off attending events or responding to blog posts because they arrive under the label of art? The church has many ways of disguising their tracts nowadays, they look like night club promos or gift vouchers and so again I am in a similar position, should I  change the appearance my project has to make it more appealing at first glance? With my love of baking tract people accepted them at first as they came with buns in Downpatrick several people asked where the buns were now? Novelty and gimmick do attract more interaction but this work is not just about interaction but the lack of it also.