Artists testimonies

by julie

always be prepared to give an answer
to everyone that asks
for the reason for the hope that you have
but give it in gentleness and respect.
1 Peter 3:15

I have long struggled with this question and on giving up my Christian faith I still strive to answer it as an atheist. I am not without hope and as an artist that is where my hope now resides.
What relevance does this statement have when stripped of religion. If we were called as artists to give testimony, of our reason for the hope we have, could we answer? Testimony is a term traditionally used in Christian religion to describe the sharing of how one became a Christian or a particular event where God has done something worth mention in one’s life.

How did you become an artist?
What drives you to continue your practice?
What struggles have tested your hope?

You are invited to give testimony, but give it in a language that is accessible and does not hid behind the vagueness of some artistic expressions. What hope in art means in your lived experience and to share this with an understanding that the audience may not be used to the language of art. This work calls not for the polished presentation of an artist’s statement but an honest sharing of our beliefs.

There are ten spaces available and each volunteer/participant will be asked to bring a witness for their testimony. Testimonies will be shared with the entire group.

Each testimony will last up to ten minutes and light refreshments will be provided afterwards.
The event will take place on May 19th 2-4 at Belmont Tower, Belfast.
The event will be documented as research.

If you are interested in sharing please contact Julie at