Fellowship of the Faithless – Day 1.

by julie


Opening hours 11-3

I had 5 visitors today which was a lovely number, the space is lovely to spend time in if a little cold but I wonder what I would feel like if I were a minister and had dedicated my life to religion to only have 5 people to share with. As this is art not religion I expected to have little interaction from outside but spending time in a church-like space does sort of force contemplation.

In Northern Ireland most people have previous experience of religion and it is this that  allows each person to bring a different context to the show. One visitor said if felt just like a wake, not that it was depressing but that it made him nervous.

Lastly, in understanding that many passersby would think the show was a religious space I am interested in my place within that. What expectations do we hold for people who are openly religious? What expectations do I hold for myself? I am interested in the crossover between what is “good” in secular society and religious society. As my thoughts are wondering I notice a woman selling the big issue outside the window, I am inside warm and dry and have been making tea or coffee for those who come in to see the show. I feel that I should offer her a hot drink – put these thoughts about what is good into practice. I offer her tea which she gladly accepts and when I take out the cup with the milk she requested she responds with “God bless you and your family”