Fellowship of the Faithless – Day 2

by julie


Opening Hours 11-3 and 6-9

Tonight is the official opening which brings with it a nervous excitement. During the 11-3 hours 8 people visited, 4 of which were students from the foundation course at the Art college I attended. They didn’t ask any questions but seemed bewildered and assumed there must be more work somewhere else.

As I mentioned yesterday most people have some previous experience of church going or religion that they bring to the exhibition, A visitor today said for him the room had an appearance of standoffishness and that it smelled like a funeral home. His father had run a funeral home and the smell he remembered was fresh paint and new carpets – the upkeep of the space. The authenticity of the space was important to me – the chairs were borrowed from a church hall as was the kettle boiler. The choice of wallpaper and carpet are directly borrowed from my experience of attending a small evangelical church as a child and from memories of a youth group that as held in the house of a friend of my sister.

The show looks like a place of worship which was my intention and I think there are many parallels between the art audience and the congregation but there are some obvious differences. It is the similarities and differences I hope to discuss with people during the exhibition.