Fellowship of the Faithless – the opening night.

by julie

A few thoughts on the opening night.

The first visitors whispered and skirted round the chairs not knowing whether to sit or not wanting to. I offered tea and biscuits to each person that entered the show and I think the lack of alcohol really changed the tone of opening. The first expectation of free wine and beer was removed so what expectations replaced them?

Around 8 or so the show became quite busy (I had around 60 attend the opening night) The chairs filled up and the expectation was that I would do something/ preach something/present something. I did not, nor did I explain that I was not going to. I just passed around biscuits and chatted with those that were there. The space felt like a church without a leader and without a leader people soon began to share their negative experiences of being in church, of being told they would go to hell and of homophobic rants. At this point something unexpected happened. I started to become very defensive. Is there such a thing as playing God’s Advocate?

I am still connected to my old faith in a way I had not been forced to publicly recognise until now.

Lots to contemplate tomorrow.