Fellowship of the Faithless – losing my religion?

by julie

Friday 7th 11-3 pm

SONY DSCWhen setting the show up I wanted the chairs to be in strict straight lines with slightly awkward closeness to each other. This helps to give the feeling I had when attending church. The idea that no one is a stranger when you share a faith – that these people are your family is tested when you are on uncomfortable chairs and a little too close to one another.

I arrived to set up for the day and it was evident that those attending the opening had felt the chairs were too close also, as they had spread from their original places. The floor was covered in crumbs and as I set about hoovering and rearranging things I was aware of being watched from outside. It raises the question that I often find with this gallery – what is part of the show and what is not. I have chosen to leave the windows uncovered so people can pass by and look in – you could see the carpet being laid the space wallpapered and things taking shape. Equally the taking down of the show will be visible.

No one visited the show today and again I found myself wondering how this would feel if I was urgently trying to spread my beliefs and was sure that without hearing my message people could be lost. What message do I want to share? Is my proposal to have faith in art an empty promise as I do not offer salvation? I prefer to invigilate my own work as I enjoy hearing feedback as people experience the show but when you sit alone for 4 hours you do begin to question your work and its importance beyond your own need to make it.