Artists Testiomonies at Fellowship of the Faithless.

by julie

Saturday 8th December

exhibition from 10-2

event 2-4

I arrived a little late and in a panic, I was up late baking for the Artists Testimonies event. I lophotove to bake for events as I think it gives them a more relaxed atmosphere and a starting point for conversation for those who don’t already know each other. Spending time in the empty gallery space is quite peaceful so soon I am calmly making final plans for the event.

Artists testimonies is an event asking artists to share why they believe in art – not a presentation of their own work but the motivation behind why they make work and the potential they think art has. The idea came from attending several highly polished presentations of people’s work, they were great at showing a professional body of work but I felt that the art language and Powerpoint style is quite off-putting.I put out a call for 10 artists and 10 audience members for the event and a discussion afterwards. The event was not recorded in any way. It is very important to me that it was not disrupted with photos or video and that each person that attended holds the evidence of the event. This of course is problematic for funding applications and blog posts as there is little to share.

I hope to host this event again so if you live in Belfast and are interested leave a comment!