Fellowship of the Faithless

by julie

Prayers for secular people.

Since starting this project I have had several moments of doubt when I find myself thinking the support of a higher purpose that is recognised by many others would be a lovely comfort. There are many artists working in Belfast but art does not always lend itself to communal activities in the same way religion does.

I was thinking of a prayer circle and the comfort of knowing others have you in their thoughts, how could this work for a secular group – is there any desire for this? For those of you that have read along with the project you will be aware that I am borrowing the things I miss since leaving church and religion and testing how they function without their foundation of religious belief.

I was discussing today with a friend about Mandalas and how she is using them for an art project. I am slowly thinking around how what we borrow is changed and how art is changed by this borrowing.