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Press Release Good Intentions

Press Release

Good Intentions
a public intervention by artist Julie Miller

Under the guise of Religious literature known as tracts and using a modern day parable Good Intentions is the first in a series of explorations. It tells the tale of an invitation accepted but unfulfilled. The work addresses the consequences of good intentions gone awry. Literature will be distributed daily. Participants are invited to call the number provided to hear an account of why that days intention remained unfulfilled.There will be a space to record your own failed good intention.

Thursday, 10th November to Tuesday, 15th November
10am – 12pm
Where: Cornmarket, Belfast

Contact: telephone number is provided on tract distributed daily during FIX

Good Intentions is part of the 9th edition of FIX performance art festival will be held 10th-15th November 2011 in Catalyst Arts and around the city centre of Belfast. Blog:

Julie Miller is an artist and currently undertaking the MA Art in Public course at the University of Belfast.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Relate to each person the importance of the everyday

Encourage appreciation of the trivial

Act upon convictions through literature and outreach

Challenge perceptions

Hold myself accountable